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Household, Hazardous Wastes and related Harzards : Principal Trainer Dr. Bhupendra Devkota, Ecotoxicologist.
Proposal writing training to M.Sc Environmental Science students, Duration 1 week,     
Principle Trainer: Dr. Donal A. Messerschmidt, Anthropologist/Trainer
- Chemical Management Training for M.Sc. and B.Sc.: Duration 1 Week,
Principal Trainer; Dr. Bhupendra Devkota
- Conflict management training M.Sc Environmental Science students, Duration: 1 week,
Principal Trainer: Mr. Salil Devkota, Environment/Social/Conflict Resolution Expert
Environmental Impact Assessment Training, Duration: 5 weeks,
Principal Trainer; Dr. Bhupendra Devkota and Er. Salil Devkota
GIS Training for M.Sc. Environmental Science students, Duration 2 weeks,
Principle Trainer: Mr. Tanka Dahal, GIS and Remote Sensing Expert

Conducting training courses on Environmental Assessment (EIA & IEE)

Environment Protection Act 1997 and Environment Protection Rules 1997 of Nepal have made Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) or Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) mandatory and depending upon the type and extent of the developmental projects EIA or IEE will be attracted. This has demanded large number of environmental assessment (EA) professionals with good knowledge on diverse fields of environments and the process and mechanisms of EA approval. In order to produce the EA Practitioners College of Applied Sciences-Nepal in collaboration with Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, (MOSTE) conducted a one-month training on EA in which final year M.Sc. students were given priority, as they will be the future EA practitioners.

CAS has a good pool of experts, who are competent in conducting EA trainings. The Principal of the college, who is also the coordinator of this proposed project, is providing the expert service in this field to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE) and he is one of the members of the EIA Review Committee of this ministry.

Conducting trainings on GIS              

The environmental science course of TU does not include courses on Geographical Information System (GIS), but the knowledge on this applied tool is very much necessary at present, especially for the professionals in the field of environment. Keeping this in view CAS has conducted a two-weeks training on GIS for its post-graduate students with the hope that they will be easily absorbed in the job market.




CAS students are/were involved in intenships in different Ministres, Organizations, NGOs and INGOs such as: MOSTE, MOAD, ICIMOD, SWMTC, NESS, TEC, WCN and have also received thesises grants from WWF, CREEW, MOFSC, MOSTE, NESS, WINROCK, PPUE/UNDP, AEPC etc.


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