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Over the past several years, Nepal’s professional sector has come to recognize the importance of integrating technology into overall environmental sector. Traditional and discipline based academic programs in science, engineering, management do not adequately address the need for an interdisciplinary approach to solve the present market demand in environmental sector of 21st century. It is also required to be familiar with the system of control and regulation applied to environmental conservation and protection activities.
It is in this context, College of Applied Sciences-Nepal (CAS-Nepal) was established in 2005 by a group of dedicated environmental professionals for providing quality and demand based education in environmental sector. At present CAS is offering B.Sc, and M. Sc. level courses in environmental science.

  - Goals


“Education that fits your Needs”
As you consider for continuation of education, what are your goals and concerns?
- Career advancements
- Time management,
- Reputable credentials
- Information
recent today & tomorrow
- Job Opportunity
- Entrepreneurship

College of applied sciences – Nepal offers what you need. It was created in 2005 on the premise that applied knowledge in environment sector should help professional advance their career through a format that is immediately applicable, highly credible and easily accessible.

  Aims and Objectives


· Provide quality education at affordable cost
· Provide proficient, qualified, socially responsible manpower in the field of environment needed to meet the national and international demands
· Offer various types of trainings related to environment and development
· Perform research and development works in the areas of environment
· Provide professionally competent graduates in the development sector



B.Sc. and M. Sc. Environmental Science programs of CAS are affiliated with the Tribhuvan University (T.U.), Nepal. B.Sc. is a 4 year and M.Sc. is 4 semester degree programme.

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